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Autonomi provides a turnkey solution that can transform any store or storage space into a smart space.
Using our proprietary software Colossus.IO, the first ERP system tailor-made for autonomous facilities and devices, together with third-party peripherals, sensors, and cameras Autonomi can provide an end to end turnkey solution to operate any smart and autonomous location.
Autonomi leads the way to the autonomous era, with the first cost-effective, easily deployed, and 100% consumer privacy enabled plug & play platform. We can transform any facility from a traditional retail store, dedicated storage facility, convenient stores and highly secure industries.

Autonomi has successfully deployed solutions across many industries based on Colossus.IO. From information-based kiosks to a fully automated retail store, with installation included, in more than nine countries worldwide. The latest successful solution deployed is in the healthcare industry, an APS Passport, an automated and autonomous pharmacy system for post-acute care developed for Partners Pharmacy.

APS Passport system demonstration

System demonstration: Herbalife Nutrition Botova Russia

Autonomi is led by an experienced, innovative team of award-winning engineers and visionary entrepreneurs. Autonomi offers its vast experience in machine learning, AI, data analytics, digital signage, robotics, and project management.

Autonomous office supply storage room

Cutting-edge technology enables storage personnel or employees to identify themselves with their company card or designated app to gain entry, retrieve desired products, and exit quickly. There is no need for interaction with other people or software to confirm the
collection of any items chosen while, behind the scenes, the transaction is automatically processed.

Autonomous office supply storage room
Autonomous store or storage container

Autonomous store or storage container

Container implementation focuses on distributing products to individuals without the need for contact with other customers. The solution can easily fit inside a standard 20-40ft container and can be custom-tailored to specific customer requirements.
The containers can be placed in long-term storage and then quickly transported to planned locations whenever the need arises.


APS Passport was developed for Partners pharmacy and is the only unified, remote, automated dispensing system dedicated to the post-acute care market. Integrated with pharmacy and electronic medical record systems, APS Passport can dispense up
to 250 oral, solid medications in multidose or singledose packaging, enabling accuracy while dispensing and timeliness of medication availability. The APS Passport offers a streamlined approach to medication management, saving facilities, time, and money.

Testimonial: by Anthony Spero COO Partners Pharmacy

Autonomous pharmacy

Autonomi technological benefits:

Fast and simple installation

Fast and simple installation: Transforming a facility into a smart one in less than 24 hours.

Reduce theft

Reduce theft: With Autonomi technology implemented, any store or storage facility is particularly theft-proof. All products are monitored one by one and assigned to the user who picked them up. Even misplaced products are accounted for.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Real-time Inventory Tracking: Autonomi’s technology incorporates an alert system for low inventory and advice when replenishment is required.

Ease of Restocking
Ease of Restocking: With Autonomi, restocking is easier than ever. Store staff simply walk by and use the restock app to place products on the correct shelves. Autonomi provides verification and stock transfer automatically
Advanced in-store analytics

Advanced in-store analytics: Business owners get detailed analytics, including details of collected products, along with the physical instore routes used for frequently used products and more.

Lower store operating expenses

Lower store operating expenses: Business owners save on store operating costs and see a dramatic increase in margins as they bypass the need for dedicated human resources and expensive real estate needed to perform checkout and inventory management.

always open

“Always open”: Enabling 24/7 product access.

Easily controlled & scalable

Easily controlled & scalable.

User-friendly, cloud-based managing dashboard

User-friendly, cloud-based managing dashboard: Designed to provide managers a reliable, secure, and fully supported central management capability.

Live assistance if needed.

Live assistance if needed.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance: No photo or user face recognition done.